On-Camera Resume
Film                                                    Character                                  Production Company-Director
THE AUTHOR, THE STAR...             Starring-August Star                    Salty Earth Pictures-Steven Zambo
THE OPEN DOOR                                     Starring-Pastor Bridges             Salty Earth Pictures-Steven Zambo
THE RETURN                                                 Starring- Yadid                                  Salty Earth Pictures-Steven Zambo
LOVE YOU STILL                                       Starring-Young John                    Milwaukee Collaborative - Michael Viers
ROAD TO EMMAUS                                 Starring-Cleopas                              BT Media-Steve Boettcher
SOLITARY HONOR                                  Starring-Samuel                               Sofia Productions-Aaron Powers
Commercial (Representative)          Character                                 Production Company
KWIK TRIP                                                          Starring-Father                                Mirror 34 Productions
POTAWATOMI CASINO                       Starring-Boyfriend                       Joint Productions
SENTRY SAFE                                                  Starring-Dad                                     In-House
THEDACARE                                                     Starring-Soccer Coach              Laughlin Constable
GALAXIE                                                               Starring-Husband                          dk Studios
 STEINHAUFEL'S                                           Starring-Husband                        Arsenal Productions
MILLS FLEET FARM                                  Starring-Smart Neighbor        Image Studios
LION'S CLUB INTERNATIONAL   Starring-Passenger                      Hoyl Media
WISCONSIN MILK BOARD                Starring-Soccer Referee           Purple Onion Films
AURORA BAY CARE                                   Starring-Caterer                             Mozquito Films
SIX FLAGS FIESTA TEXAS                   Starring-Dad                                      Redline Films
AMERICAN MIDWEST BANK          Starring-Spokesman                   Morningstar Media Group
DISH NETWORK                                           Starring-Tax Prep Dad                Powell Productions
     *Simon has performed in over two dozen commercials and has no current conflicts.
Industrial (Representative)              Character                                 Production Company

CHRISTIAN RELIEF                                 Starring - Doctor                              Salty Earth Pictures                          VANGUARD (recurring)                         Starring - Spokesperson             Catch-22 Creative

SPEED QUEEN                                               Starring - Owner                               Plum Moving Media & Nelson Schmidt

SNAP-ON TOOLS                                          Starring-Spokesman                    Plum Moving Media

SNAP-ON TOOLS                                          Starring-Salesman                         Plum Moving Media

SNAP-ON TOOLS                                          Starring-Mechanic                         Plum Moving Media

BON-TON                                                               Starring-Spokesman                    Boston Store In-house

INSINKERATOR (several spots)        Starring-Spokesman                    Catch 22 Productions

BLUE POINT ALERT                                   Starring-Spokesman                    Autumn Productions

E-CYCLING, WISCONSIN DNR      Starring-Spokesman                    In-House

THE PRODIGAL SON                                 Starring-Brother                               Salty Earth Pictures

BOSTON STORE                                              Starring-Employee                          In-House

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF WI    Starring-Dad                                         LTE Productions

PDS CONSULTANTS                                 Starring-Employee                          Spot Filmworks

SNAP-ON TOOLS                                          Starring-Son                                          Plum Moving Media

KOHLS (several spots)                                Starring-Employee                           In-House

        *Simon has performed in over 40 industrials playing various roles.
Training: Meisner Certification Program, True Acting Institute, Larry Silverberg
                         Acting Internships with American Players Theatre and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre.
                         MFA , Acting and Vocal Coach Diploma: University of Texas-Austin.    
                         BA, Dramatic Arts: University of Wisconsin-Parkside.